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Thinking with the Feet/Pensare con i Piedi

Thinking with the Feet/Pensare con i Piedi
In English and Italian. Odin Teatrets Forlag, Denmark, 2017. 259 pages, illus.
Actor´s techniques and theatre anthropology/Tecniche di attore e antropologia teatrale

By Vicki Ann Cremona, Francesco Galli, Julia Varley with contributions by Eugenio Barba, Chiara Crupi.

At its foundation in 1980, ISTA, International School of Theatre Anthropology, was defined a „school“ by Eugenio Barba since its purpose was to explain the principles of a new discipline: theatre anthropology. In the course of 36 years and fifteen sessions, ISTA´s western and Asian teachers and the combination of various professions have created a temporary yet periodic milieu which shares questions and research.

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