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Center of Theatre Anthropology. 2nd International Conference of Theatre Anthropology. “Barters: to give, to take, and to reciprocate”

“Mikis Theodorakis” Theatre, 28th of August 2021, Chania (Crete, Greece)

The Center of Theatre Anthropology (Heraklion, Crete, Greece) announces the presentation of the 2nd International Conference of Theatre Anthropology.

Barter: as defined by Eugenio Barba as well as from the French Sociologist and
Anthropologist Marcel Mauss and his work upon “gift exchange” (gift culture
where valuables are not sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for
immediate or future rewards,) “The Gift” 1925.

The Conference is taking place in collaboration and support from:

This program includes 4 co-organizers companies (TUC is among them) from: Italy, Portugal, Norway and Greece which will be present.

The HELLENIC THEATRE/DRAMA and EDUCATION NETWORK (TENet-Gr): an association of teachers and artists for the promotion of research on and practice of theatre, educational drama and other performing arts within formal and non formal education. Its dual aim is to provide for the performing arts in order that they can gain a central role in schools, and to contribute to the development of approaches and techniques, viewing theatre as an art form, as learning tool and as a tool for social intervention. TENet-Gr was founded in 1998 in Athens Greece as a network of teachers and artists and developed to a registered non-profit organization.

The Conference’s program consists of:

  • Speeches (live and/or Digital) from Professors, Scholars, Artists as well projections of films on the topic of “Barter” (morning session).
  • The presentation of a performance by the 4 co-organizers of the TIM project as a scenic exchange. (evening session).

Free Participation and Entrance.
For those interested in presenting their essays and work-demonstrations, please send your proposals, until 15/7/2021.

Contact: theater AT // tel.+307945898204, +30/2810263659